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Wedding Close-Up: Rebecca and Kevin

by Andy Larmouth

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“Well I love magic, so it just had to be a magician for me!”

One of things I hope from this blog is to give couples that are getting married an insight into the reality of a wedding, that looks beyond the glossy pages of the wedding magazines and the onslaught of suppliers at wedding fairs. To do this we will look at some of the details from the bride and grooms perspective…

Rebecca and Kevin got married at Hardwick Hall, Sedgefield on 10th September last year. I arrived at the venue to find them outside in the evening sun enjoying a drink and chatting with guests. I was booked to perform for them and their guests to fill in the time between the wedding breakfast and the evening reception.

This is one of a few ‘lull’ times that naturally occur at a wedding, and a time that can find the energy of the day dropping.“Magic works wonders in keeping the excitement of the day going and a great transition as the evening guests arrive and the party getting into full swing!”I caught up with Rebecca (Becky, from now on) a few months after the wedding to ask how things have been since they got married?Becky – “Things haven’t changed much since the wedding as we were straight back into work unfortunately.

We only had a couple of days to wind down before the normal routine was back! We are loving married life though. We thought it wouldn’t feel any different, what with us being together 9 years already, but it really does! We obviously did it just at the right time!” Andy – “What now are the stand out memories from the day?”Becky – “It was just perfect. We really wouldn’t change a single thing about it. Some stand out memories are the best man stripping off and jumping in the lake (we were not surprised this happened!)

Another stand out memory, especially for me was how I picked a card and all of a sudden you made it appear in a crunchie!!!”

It’s probably important to point out that the memories that stuck with Becky aren’t the centre pieces of the tables, the chair covers or the disco etc. These are all important parts of the day, but the real memories that are made all have an emotional element. Be that comedy, amazement or something else. Again, magic is the perfect solution in creating emotional memories and will be one of the few things that is vividly remembered in years to come.

Andy – “If you could re-live it all again is there anything you would do differently?”Becky – “The only thing I would do differently would be to slow down and take in everyone’s smiles while walking down the aisle. I was just so nervous I never noticed anyone.”

This point has nothing to do with magic, but I really believe is one of the most important things you can do on your wedding day. MINDFULNESSEven if it is just for one moment in the evening, get hold of your new husband or wife, take a breath, step back and look around you, at your friends, families, their smiles and laughter and really try to take it in. All too often the planning takes over and before you know it the day is finished. Don’t miss out on the real magic of the love in the room, and take a moment for yourselves to really take it all in.

“Having the magic at the wedding was a very positive thing!”Again, going back to memories, I asked Becky what had really stuck with people after the wedding.Becky – “I had great feedback from the guests about you! Every single person would say to me “oh your day was so lovely and the magician was great! He did this trick where…” Everyone was discussing the tricks and trying to work out how it was done for weeks after the wedding. Having the magic at the wedding was a very positive thing! People would be chatting about it with others that they didn’t really know, so it was helping to break the ice between people on the tables. I know everyone was excited for you to go to their table. As you were there for our evening reception I think it really helped with those people that necessarily don’t like to get up and dance, it gave them some entertainment at their table.”

With so much to think about in the preparation for a wedding the last thing you want is worrying that suppliers are going to turn up or if they’re going to do a good job etc.

In a future blog, I will be talking in more detail about why the cheap option is rarely the good option. Making sure the suppliers you use are professional, reliable and easy to communicate with will make the whole process of booking the different elements of your wedding much easier and less stressful.

And never forget, a good supplier has a wealth of experience in the wedding industry and has seen everything from the amazing to the awful, so never be afraid to ask for advice on all aspects of your day. They know what works!

Becky – “The booking process was very straight forward, I had all the information I needed from you and felt totally at ease that you would be arriving promptly on the day. Friendly, professional and approachable so I had no concerns at all!”

Obviously when planning a wedding there are so many different options for entertainment. There are photo booths, caricaturists, singing waiters (yes, really) – you name it, you can find it!

“My only advice for future brides is to just relax and take every moment in!”I asked Becky why she decided to go with a magician.Becky – “Well I love magic so it just had to be a magician for me! I also wanted interactive entertainment and I wanted my guests to be wowed!”

The interactive element of magical entertainment is another very important point. When you book a magician, you aren’t really booking magic tricks. You are booking the personality of that individual and his or her ability to put your guests at ease and have a great time.

Andy – “Any advice for future brides?”Becky – “My only advice for future brides is to just relax and take every moment in! Do your day the way you want to, don’t do things just to please certain people.”

Andy you can’t say fairer than that!

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