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Got questions?

Below are some of the common questions Andy is asked about his work! Click the + icon to see the answer.
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Why choose Andy?
Simply, Andy is passionate about what he does and is driven to put all his energy into making sure that at the end of your event, YOU are left speechless.

He is totally professional and experienced in what he does, this coming from over 10 years in the entertainment business and dealing with a wide range of clients and events.

Combine all of this with him being an approved member of THE MAGIC CIRCLE, you’re guaranteed to be left amazed!

Is Andy insured?
Yes, of course! Andy is a member of EQUITY, a based UK Trade Union that represents artists from across the entire spectrum of arts and entertainment.

Andy is insured up to £10,000,000, so whatever you’re planning, you can do so in total trust and confidence!

Click HERE to find out more about Equity.

What type of audience does Andy perform to?

If you and your audience LOVE to be thrilled and entertained, then Andy is for YOU!

Andy performs at weddings and corporate parties/events where there is a need to get the crowd motivated and raise energy!

From 5 to 500 people, Andy’s magic will have you and your audience in very safe hands.

Does does distance matter/hidden costs?
No! Andy has performed from the South to the North of the UK as well as in Europe, so distance is not a factor.

All final costs are inclusive so you’re not surprised by hidden charges. Andy will discuss everything in detail with you so you can have total piece of mind!

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