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 I recently performed at the most amazing wedding. To be fair, all the weddings I’m lucky enough to perform at, are amazing, but this one stood out for a few reasons. Read on!

Elena and Kyri’s story begins way before I come into the picture.

In fact, fate could have taken a very different turn as Elena had appeared on the TV date show ‘Take Me Out’ with Paddy McGuinness. Luckily for Kyrie, she wasn’t picked and never ended up on the Isle of Fernando’s! (If you have never seen the show, this part won’t make sense to you!)

However, luckily for all involved, it turned out that Elena and Kyri got together and fell in love.

There proposal was something special. It was filmed and even became a viral video. It’s well worth a watch and really sets the bar VERY high for proposals! (Plenty of fellas not thanking you for that one Kyri!!)


Check out the proposal video below! (Opens in a new tab)

You know what I loved most of all about that video? It’s when Kyri goes to give Elena the ring and she doesn’t even glance at it. She’s looking straight at him. It’s clear that he is the most important thing to her. Beautiful.

So after getting ready in my dressing room (Told you it was an impressive venue!) I got ready for the first guests to arrive. Over the next several hours I performed hundreds of tricks around the very fun and very appreciative audience. They ranged from young kids right through to adults! There was an incredible atmosphere in the room that spilled very quickly onto the dance floor.

There were two bands playing that night and I’m ashamed to say I didn’t get the name of either. The first was a contemporary funky, jazzy outfit that had the place grooving. 

Hit the button below and watch the video! (It will open up in a new tab.)

So where do I come into all this?

Well, much later on in the story actually. I was first contacted by the couple only a week before the wedding! I am forever grateful to Mark Zuckerberg for creating Facebook and creating the opportunity for this awesome couple to find me! It was a Facebook search that lead to Elena and Kyri tracking me down and after a quick message and a phone call it was clear that we were a great match!

Now, although I am a magician based in the North East of England, I’m certainly not restricted to that area. Elena and Kyri currently live in Doncaster and were set to have their wedding reception at the most incredible venue, Chateau Impney, all the way down in Droitwich Spa (Yes, I had to look it up too!)

It was a scorching day as I pulled up outside the Chateau. Now, I had never performed at a Greek wedding but I knew they were big. But nothing prepared me for what I’d see when I entered the venue.

I walked through the doors into a nice reception area. Drinks were being poured, a LOT of drinks. There was an amazing pyramid of Ferrero Rocher’s, big columns made of fruit and a saxophone and violin player sound checking. This was going to be awesome.

I carried on through the entrance to a set of double doors. They opened into a huuuuuge room. There were about sixty-two tables with each one seating around twelve guests. The tables were beautifully laid and pretty much contained their own fully stocked bar at each one!

In the centre of the room was a stunning white dance floor which had the couple’s initials transferred on as well as their initials projected onto the gorgeous drapes surrounding the room.

And finally in the centre were the circular top tables complete with raised area and white thrones.

I then saw the stage. This would not have looked out of place at any big live music venue you care to name. Complete with massive sound rig and incredible light show, and an entire tech crew to man it.

It was then time for the next band on. These guys had flown over from Greece and sounded incredible! I only wish I had understood what they were singing.

The pictures of Elena and Kyri’s wedding (at least the ones I took – I hope I get to see some of the official photo’s) really don’t capture just how breathtaking the whole event was. That mixed with a room FULL of people having a great time, smiling, laughing and filling the place with love really made for the most magical experience….even for the magician!

A big thanks to Elena and Kyri and their families for making me feel so welcome and allowing me to be a part of their incredible day.



Until next time, 


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